Team Tao are an international squad working the cultural divide between the UK and China. We have secured corporate sponsorship from TEC as part of CRRC (China) & SMD (UK) to enter into the Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, yet are free to act independently; they enable, we deliver. We are connected to a global network of industry leaders, institutes and makers and are using design thinking and co- creation to solve the problem.


At its core, Team Tao’s holds three main principles:  minimal localised complexity, self -sustainability and scalability.  We are departing from the commercially accepted approach of high value complex assets (AUVs) and want to redirect the market to use multiple, simple, low value assets which, when collaborating, form a complex and industry leading survey ecosystem. 


Inspired by the ancient Chinese wisdom 'Tao', our design philosophy works with natural forces, instead of against them. Engineering challenges are often solved with overly complex solutions. At Team Tao, we orient our designs based on a minimalist approach by optimising our solution through a balance of nature, embracing the concept of 'Ying' and 'Yang'.


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